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We hate rabid fangirls
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Are you bothered out of your mind by hearing how cute someone is overandover again? Do you hate those Mary-Sues whose fics are deserving of a bonfire? Exactly how many of Orlando Bloom's future wives DO you know?

Anti-Fangirls is a community for those of you who are annoyed to no end by those fangirls that are always, always, ALWAYS killing our brain cells with their constant screams, squeals and tears. Like those people who claim they're going to have Johnny Depp's children. Or hey, even fangirls who are crazily obsessive over other things...movies, Broadway, clothing, whatever!

Come here and rant or just talk. We all need a good laugh, and most of us will be able to relate, I'm sure.


  • You're free to post links to sites, fics, pictures, etc, but warn the reader what it contains if it has something 'questionable.' If you're posting a large pic to a community, please use the lj-cut tag.

  • Your creations, such as icons, banners, drawings, etc. are more than welcome here.

  • Advertising your community or site is okay, as long as it relates to the topic. Occasional off-topic discussions are allowed, as long as it's not clear that you're not solely trying to cause trouble. Random and VERY off-topic spamming (ie ads for drugs, etc) will be deleted.

  • This is not a "terrorist" community. Although it is designed to make fun of people, please respect the privacy of others. If you come across or someone posts a link to another community, website, etc that is solely intended for fangirls themselves, or a fangirl's personal journal or something, please do not proceed to go over there and make snide comments or things along the lines of that. That only brings yourself down LOWER than the level of the kind of people this community is against, and it gives the community a bad name.

  • No squealing. Be mature. And all that jazz!

    And this just some food for thought on community conduct:

  • Don't feel like you don't belong here just because you DO like somebody's looks or are part of a fangirl-popular fandom! Sure, good looks are an extra plus on somebody...even we think so. :O

  • At least *try* to be remotely civil. Don't bring yourself down to the same level where you're the one going "OMG!!!! HATR3D!!!!!!!1", things like that.

  • We like to stress upon the fact that we are irritated by the IMMATURE FANS of one subject, not the subjects themselves. So, say you don't like the "OMFG I WANNA HAVE HIS KIDS" people that obsess over Orlando Bloom (as an example), that doesn't mean you have to dislike Orlando as well. Personally, I think Orlando is okay, but I hate the overwhelming amount of "hes so hott roxor" fans he has today. Also remember that not all fans of a particular actor are the kind of fans this community relates to!

  • You should realize we tend to exaggerate the way the "common fangirl's" behavior is. Obviously most of them don't type lyke th1z!!!!!1111. It's just fun to do. :P

  • //if you are a fangirl

  • Please read our 'disclaimer' here.

  • //your loving moderators


    //special thanks

    To silubud, who provided the code to create this journal.
    To all those good-looking celebrities who happened to catch some lucky chromosomes.
    This community was the brainchild of starkistpeach, brought to life by apster! :O
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